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Inspire Candle - 20hrs

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Bergamot, lavender, mint - energising


Cheering bergamot, lavender and mint combine to clear your mind and boost your spirits.
This candle contains a special blend of ten essential oils selected for their uplifting and refreshing properties.

Floral lavender blends with fresh citrus notes of bergamot and soft mint. The scent is described as the perfume family "eau de cologne". It has a light citrus floral aroma to provide an energising atmosphere.

100% essential oils are blended and infused in plant wax for a truly natural scent experience. We use a blend of UK produced and sourced candle wax. 

Scent your surroundings with this gorgeous fragrance.

Size 69mm (d) x 50mm (h). Net wax weight 75g .

Burn time 20 hours in total.

Packaged in glass container with silver polished cover  

We recommend burning for around 2-4 hours each time.