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Reviews from our customers...

"Gorgeous candles, such relaxing and wonderful scents. Truly well made and lovely gift boxes - the perfect gift!" Charlotte D

.."your candles were gorgeous. I loved their natural scents and they look really cute too..." Emily Dawe, Home Editor

"I love these candles for their beautiful aromas! I love how natural they smell, not a chemical, artificial sort of smell that you can quite often get from scented candles. I'll buy natural always from now on - love the look of them too - they can go in any room. Happy customer :-)" Jane J


"A beautiful candle with lovely packaging that burns evenly unlike some candles which are very uneven. The scent is really fresh and my wife really likes it. We have it on the mantlepiece in the lounge in its box when not in use and even unlit, it creates a lovely background aroma in the room. My wife says she would definitely buy in the future."  David G