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Essential Oil Blends


 frankincense, orange, rose geranium

This is a blend of oils to soothe and strengthen. Aromatic and comforting frankincense blends beautifully with rose geranium and fruity oils to produce a goumande fragrance with rose, vanilla and caramel notes. 



bergamot, lavender, mint

Floral lavender blends with fresh citrus notes of bergamot and soft mint. This candle contains a special blend of 10 essential oils selected for their uplifting and refreshing properties. 


 lavender, clary sage, vetivert

 This candle is a pure blend of 3 essential oils for relaxation poor to sleep.

Herbaceous lavender blends with sweet notes of clary sage and smoky tones of vetivert. 



ylang-ylang, cedar, patchouli

This candle contains a blend of feel-good essential oils.  A fragrance with exotic floral notes and rich patchouli balanced with soft woody notes of cedar atlas. Indulge your senses and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.