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Natural fragrance and skincare

Sugar Hill produce natural skincare and fragrance from a small village in Yorkshire. We formulate soaps and candle fragrances using plant based waxes, oils and botanical essential oils.

We believe in bringing you the best ingredients for skin health which have a number of naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  The aromatherapy blends naturally perfume with essential oils which are also specially selected for their individual soothing and relaxing properties.  

Our soaps contain natural clays (for gentle exfoliation), plant extracts and minerals. They are super moisturising, with shea and coconut butters, olive oil and vegetable glycerine which is naturally produced during the soap making process. 

Soap Range Sugar Hill

We are continually working to be sustainable, ethical and natural.  In our products, you won't find any synthetic ingredients, palm oil or derivatives, or unsustainable essential oils. 

You'll be happy to know that the packaging is either re-useable, recyclable or biodegradable. Candle packaging is printed locally using biodegradable ink and compostable paperstock, soap packaging is also fully compostable (or biodegradable) and we ship in cardboard cartons with paper tape.   

Candle packaging