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Kelp Seaweed Cleansing Bar Soap

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Detoxifying kelp soap is made with nourishing extract of kelp seaweed.  Juniper and rosemary essential oils create a fresh marine fragrance.  

  • Seaweed contains several beneficial minerals and vitamins that nourish the skin. These include vitamins A1, B2, B6, B12, and the minerals potassium, calcium, iron and zinc.
  • Juniper essential oil is stimulating, astringent and detoxifying. It can balance oily skin & is suitable for eczema and psoriasis. 
  • Rosemary essential oil is great for mind and body. It's anti inflammatory, naturally anti-viral and anti bacterial as well as waking you up in the morning! 

Sugar Hill Soap Bars are traditionally handmade in small batches in our workshop with pure olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin and 15% shea butter making a natural, highly moisturising and cleansing bar.  Your skin will love this!

Each bar is approximately 82mm x 65mm x 25mm and weighs 120g.  As our soap bars are natural and handmade there will be slight variation between batches in colour and appearance. Our soaps are coloured with natural clays and oxides. 

Ingredients:  saponified olive oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified shea butter, water, glycerine, kelp extract, juniper essential oil, rosemary essential oil, green oxide. 

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I can’t write a review of your products as they are a Xmas gift for someone else.
Many thanks.

Amazing feel kelp soap

Gorgeous feel soap - love the natural ingredients in this - helped wake me up this morning. Love how the lather is so creamy and luxurious, very feelgood :-)