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Restore candle - 20hrs

Restore candle - 20hrs

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Frankincense, orange, rose geranium - strengthen and soothe

This is a blend of seven oils to soothe and strengthen your emotions. Comforting frankincense has been used since ancient times to instill peace but provide focus, orange is know as the sunshine essential oil and rose geranium is balancing.

Aromatic frankincense blends beautifully with rose geranium and fruity oils to produce a goumande fragrance with rose, vanilla and caramel notes.

100% essential oils are blended and infused in plant wax for a truly natural scent experience.

Size 69mm (d) x 50mm (h). Net wax weight 75g . Burn time 20 hours in total.

Packaged in glass container with silver cover

We recommend burning for around 2-4 hours each time.