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Solid Hand Repair Balm

This is a really nourishing balm for when your hands are sore and really needing some care and attention.  This is a really simple formula, for a solid balm, you need about a third wax, a third butter and a third oil. 

This is a recipe that I've used at home for when skin has gotten really sore and chapped and is in need of some repair. It's also good to use as a hand mask for some extra pampering in winter. This recipe uses beeswax, but you can easily substitute other waxes if you wish such as soy, jojoba, candelilla or avocado wax to make it a vegan balm.  Candelilla wax is a very hard wax, so you would need to use slightly less.  I usually use some infused petals to add some extra anti-inflammatory action, such as calendula, elderflower or cornflower, they're all skin soothing. 

Avocado and Mango Hand Repair Balm

Ingredients for 2 small balms;

14g beeswax

18g avocado oil

18g mango butter

1g cornflowers for infusing into oil

optional: we chose essential oils of benzoin (very skin soothing), orange and lemongrass a total of up to 1% or 0.5g


 Ingredients balm Melted balm

Gently heat the cornflowers with the oil and leave to infuse. The longer the better but an hour is ok. Break up the beeswax and add the mango butter. Heat gently until melted. Leave to cool for 5 minutes and strain.  Add fragrance or essential oils if using these. Pour into a clean jar or solid balm tube and leave to cool for a couple of hours before popping the lid on. 

It's a great non-greasy balm that lasts for ages, and can be used on elbows, knees and any dry patches.  

Avocado and Mango Butter Balm










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