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Embrace Autumn with our custom blend!

Our Embrace blend of essential oils can be described as spicy-floral with soft earthy and woody notes. Embrace is one of my favourites for burning at this time of year as the leaves change colour and we spend more time entertaining indoors. 

We use a secret blend of 6 essential oils in our candle to provide our complex fragrance, read more about the key essential oils below and why we use them;

Ylang-ylang meaning "wilderness" (in reference to it's habitat) has a floral, lily-like scent.  This sensual oil is a natural aphrodisiac but also has calming and balancing effects and is great for relieving stress.  Ylang-ylang’s powerful floral aroma is thought to help relieve tension by slowing down heart rate and breathing.  In skincare, ylang-ylang is said to help control oil production as well as helping to improve skin elasticity. It has been used in oils for centuries in Asia where it is said to help promote shiny healthy hair. 

Cedarwood essential oil has a wonderful spicy balsamic and woody aroma and is often used on it's own in men's fragrance and skincare.  It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Trials* have been very positive in terms of cedarwood oil’s anti-inflammatory effect on joints. The discomfort can be lessened by the inhalation or use of the oil on the skin. It's also known to be calming and sedating.  

We use a small amount of patchouli in our Embrace blend to ground the fragrance as a base note in perfumery. It adds a velvety complexity to the fragrance and also has earthy and fruity notes. The oil has similar therapeutic properties to ylang-ylang, being known as stress relieving, grounding & balancing. In research, it also has been found to have broad anti-microbial effects**. 

We hope you like this candle as much as we do, the scent, like an embrace or a hug, is comforting, warming and perfect for a cosy night indoors. 


Note: It is generally recommended that cedarwood oil should not be used by pregnant women and all essential oils should not be used around children under the age of 12 months. 



**Evaluation of the Antibacterial Activity of Patchouli Oil Jun 2013 Pub Med PMC3813264

Julia Lawless: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, Element Books, 1995, 56-67

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