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The Most Versatile Essential Oil

The smell of rose geranium is amazing, I always grow a few of these in my garden.  I love crushing a leaf, you get a blast of intense lemony rose with a slight undertone of mint that lasts for hours.  Versatile, the leaves can be used as edible flowers, in baking, drinks, making rose sugar (as well as the essential oil being used in bathing and skincare products).    

The scent of geranium has been used for centuries to perfume, de-stress and relax. Rose geranium is more rose-like, in my view, than rose oil itself.  Due to some allergens in rose essential oil, only tiny quantities can be used and so the scent is hardly detectable. Most rose products therefore use artificial fragrance.  But rose geranium can be used in larger amounts and has some great skin properties to boot. It's astringent and anti-fungal, helps control dandruff and acne and can help dry or inflamed skin*. 

On a more physical level, herbalists use geranium to help restore balance to the adrenal and female hormonal systems. It can be used for menopause, PMS and regulating periods and to calm anxiety or restlessness*. It can de-bloat and even act as a mild painkiller on dermatitis or shingles.  Rose geranium has other antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties too, as have most essential oils (they are generated by the plant to protect it from insects after all!).  

As it is one of my favourites, you can be sure this essential oil is in our products!  Sugar Hill's Restore aroma blend has rose geranium front and centre, complimented with frankincense and citrus. It has soothing properties and smells fantastic!  You can find our Restore products here;

Restore Soap  

Restore Candle

*Source: Neal's Yard Remedies, Essential Oils 2016

Cautions: Essential oils are very potent, they should always be diluted according to instructions (usually no more than 2% in base oil). Avoid using rose geranium oil during pregnancy and especially during the first trimester. 

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