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Can we have "hygge" at work?

I love the Nordic concept of "hygge" which seems to fit perfectly with this time of year. Its meaning varies slightly between countries but in a nutshell it represents contentment, cosiness, and togetherness...creating a relaxing atmosphere and appreciating small day to day pleasures.... perhaps sharing supper with a few close friends, and usually involves a warm fire, candles, coffee and cake!
I came across this article below about how to incorporate this feeling of wellbeing at work which explains the little things we can do to make our workplaces more serene.   From engaging more with our colleagues, bringing a bit of cosiness to your desk or going for a lunchtime walk,  bit by bit we can improve our happiness at work.  It's certainly worth a try (note to self: must dig out cosy jumper!).
You can read the full article here;

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