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Reflections on Sugar Hill

It's been a great day of sunshine today, time to grab all the rays we can and head out for a stroll with no particular place to go.  I love this season,  the way that you can do the same walk many times and see something different each time. Changing colours, bugs and beasts to be discovered, and making the most of warmer and dryer weather. 

A bit of time then perhaps to reflect on what Sugar Hill is all about.  When I started the company, natural skincare and candles were very niche. You could find them if you searched long enough, in health food shops or boutique shops.

Thankfully, natural and organic products are becoming more mainstream, with supermarkets and big retailers now providing sulfate-free shampoos, and a wave of smaller natural skincare formulators.  We no longer have to settle for the same old mass-produced products with cheap filler ingredients, and detergents that strip away oils in the healthy layers of the skin.  We're also seeing more awareness of packaging, with more solid products such as shampoo bars, the use of recycled plastic and even using cardboard or sugar cane for holding cosmetics. This isn't a zero sum game, I believe there is room for all of us, (small to medium sized companies that is) to thrive. 

Sugar Hill was always a way for me to bring my passion of aromatherapy and natural skincare to my little corner of Yorkshire and beyond!  For me, it's a creative outlet, and allows some work flexibility, but it's also an expression of ethos and values. I love trialling and discovering new nourishing skincare ingredients but Sugar Hill is about bringing products that enhance wellbeing and skin health.  I've a strong sense of business responsibility and therefore from the beginning I've focused on compostable or reuseable packaging and sustainable natural ingredients.  Sugar Hill is truely eco-conscious, everything we source and develop is done with people and planet in mind. Hopefully we will grow, with enough time, hard work and persistence, but in the meantime, I have some more candles to make! 

With best wishes, Lucy 


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